The Story Behind Paladin Pro Resources

Stan Fossum has been a student of Operational Management and Leadership Fundamentals throughout his career. As a Lifelong Learner, he became passionately interested in the Digital Revolution and founded Paladin Pro Resources (PPR) in 2001. Initially, he was directly involved with E-commerce and created a million-dollar revenue stream from Ebay, Amazon, CraigsList, and Fiverr platforms. As his digital influence grew, he started to mentor small and medium-sized business owners (SMB) addressing their concerns regarding the impact of digitized marketing methods on their more traditional advertising practices.

By the year 2008, Fossum had included Website Design and Social Media Management to his growing list of services through PPR. He embraced the concerns within the marketing world that occurred from the popularity and status quo disruption caused by the many emerging Social Media platforms. Fossum's mastery of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin brought recognition from his peers as a Social Media Influencer by 2012. He has been recognized for achieving results through his implementation of the relatively new practice of Growth Hacking strategies for many of his existing and new clients. In 2015 an effort was made to redirect the focus of PPR to include Marketing Content Analysis targeted at the Millennial Generation. With "Millennial's" disrupting previous marketing norms, Paladin Pro Resources worked closely with existing business owners as they struggled to stay relevant with their Digital Marketing efforts.

In early 2020, it became apparent that there was a new era unfolding within the restaurant industry. It was the emergence of what is now commonly called a "Ghost Kitchen", and as a result of the disruptive COVID-19 Pandemic... it gained prominence into what many are now calling a "Restaurant Revolution". Fossum also recognized the giant roll that "Third Party Delivery" services would take, with their digital platforms offering a solution that many of these independent operators previously didn't have. For many operators, this became a lifeline for survival, with reduced in house capacity mandates enforced. Paladin Pro Resources adjusted their focus to mentor many of their existing and new clients in the restaurant industry so that they could harness this new digital technology. The ability of restaurant owners to adjust and adapt operationally to this new frontier of digital solutions for everyday restaurant operations has been and remains the current focus for Paladin Pro Resources.

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